Friday, April 24, 2009

A Rainy day in the old neighborhood

Started out the day by taking the S20 line to Bellinzona to watch some trains. probally well over 50 trains were spotted in an hour and a half on the gottard route which is the main germany-italy main line, Numberous Local services running new Stadtler cars were spotted, along with several trains running Zurich-Milan service including one of the new, and often malfunctioning Italian tilt trains. Also got pictures of 2 DB freights running through. After arriving back in locarno, we resumed the tour's scheduled trip of going to Isola Madre and Isola Bella to see the castles and gardens. the ride to Isola Madre was on a hydro foil, and the grounds were quite nice, followed by a lunch at the little resturant on the island, in which i had a salami plate of various kinds of salami and than a short boat ride to Isola Bella to see the stunning castle and grounds there. The castle is a tourest trap, but is 200 years in the making. Apparantly the story goes that the castles owners befrended nepolian in order to keep their little island to themselves. The castle itself features very tall rooms, a grotto decorated with real coral, lots of artwork, many of which feature artistic nudes of women (statues and paintings, all done quite tastefully of superb models with nothing left to hide). Some males were also done up in a similar fashion. Both islands had a large Peacock population that seemed to go wherever they pleased, and one of which on Isola Bella fanned out its tail for all to see. The rest of the island is a tourest trap, with streetside vendors set up in varous spots hawking their irrelevant wares. Tommorws destination, if all works out and the trains run on time is short and quick trip to Milan, and back before moving to the hotel in Interlaken, which we will be staying at for six days. Thats in the german part of switzerland again. Locarno is a nice town, but everything seems to close early, even for switzerland and i much prefer the german part. I havent aten at the mcd's yet, and wont as i havent a clue what the italian word for french fries is, but in german its pommes fritas, and medium is medium and coke is coke. intresting how english is mixed with german in the same conversation. The weater today was rainy and dosent look good for the next couple days either :-( In other notes, im glad we are moving on as this hotel has absoultly poor wi-fi in this room, and ontop of that you have to pay for it...

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