Friday, April 17, 2009


As most of you are aware i am in switzerland, i will attempt to keep this updated but who knows.

Wed/Thurs. We went to leave and origonally were scheduled from SEA-CHI than CHI-Frankfurt, however the flight from seattle to chicago was late so we wound up flying through washington dc/dulles instead. Wound up arriving to Frankfurt 2 hrs late. Took the ICE train from Frankfurt-Flughafen (Airport train station) to Karlsruhe where a change of trains was made to Zurich Hbf. Changed to an Sbahn traom Zurch- Flughafen. Arrived in Zurich around 7 local time. after checking in at the hotel took the #10 tram line back into downtown, were some exploration was done than dinner had at a local pizzeria. Its amazing how well connected the systems are, and everything runs just about on time in switzerland, plus theres lots of grafitti everywhere.

Went into Zurich in the morning via the Sbahn where many tram pictures were taken around Zurich Hbf. Returned to hotel around 10 to claim belongings and join tour group at airport. From there we took a SBB train to Glossau and than from there a narrow guage Appenzellenbahn to Appenzell. After checking in with the hotel and exploring town we took the train to St. Gallen and back, where dinner was had. Reminded me how much i hate catered meals as its usually something i dont want and always smothered in sauces.

that is all for now, will try to update when its feasable.

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