Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pizza in Italy

Today wsa the trek down to Tirano in italy. the morning started quite early with a 730 AppenzellenBahn train from Chur to Samedan. A transfer was made to the train to Ponstresina which is all of 2 minutes than onto the train to Tirano. We took the local train so we could take pictures of the alps since the local trains have windows that can be opened whereas the the dome car equipped train dident have the opening windows. It was a long ride down, but fun and there was a lot of snow in the alps and they were quite pretty. Upon arriving in Tirano there was no border control at all, however italy isnt as pretty as switzerland is. Atleast the city of tirano was a bit more grungy than most swiss cities. the equipment of the italian railways was well used, and you can tell where they had cleaned NYC style full car side grafitti off most of the equipment, in some cases not very well. The return ride on the Bernina express was nice, however a bit cozy in second class plus it was 4 hours on the same rail car, even though the car was switched out in samadan and Ponstresina to diffrent trains to take the through cars back to chur. The town of Tirano aside from being a bit grungy is nice, saw several nice small churches, one with nice hand panted religous paintings of Jesus Christ being put up on the cross, and we even had a pizza in intaly at a nice small pizza and pasta place. the tough was hand tossed and very light and good.

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