Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Salami Pizza

Today was a good day. Started out by taking the RHb to Davos platz and back, its a scenic journey from Chur to Fillisur where we changed trains to Davos Platz. Rode out to Davos Platz and back to Fillisur where we again changed trains to go back to Chur. Lots of twists and turns on this line and snow by Davos Plats, Got lots of pictures of the snow and Alps, and of somewhat notable intrest there was a painting or grafitti of one of the charatchers from Futurama topless on the side of a building. i was going to get a picture but alas the conductor came around to see tickets right as we passed it.

The rest of the day was spent riding the Glacier Express, we started at Chur, and the the train is all a glass roofed diner train, becuase we are a group we got the special of the day which is some plated meal, which if course i wont eat. I did manage to get a cheese platter instead :-) we rode the train to andermatt, spent 200 dollars for souviners, including a model of one of the dome cars, a DVD, and a cardboard (thought it was plastic) replica train destination sign. After getting off and rode the train down to Goschenen, passing a 12th centurary roman build road and bridget in a narrow canyon (got pictures), and on a steep rack down to Goschenen where we transferred to a mainline SBB train to Arth-Goldau. the SBB train was intresting, as many of you know i am a fan of old equipment and we got an old car as our private car. This car was literally pulled out of the reserve dead line and put on the train. Normally SBB equipment is clean, in good repair, etc. This car however was unwashed, had dirty windows, was somewhat dusty and dident have air conditioning. The reasoning is because on the gottard line which we rode, was facing an equipment shortage as some italian built trains were not yet ready for service and they needed all the extra equipment they could muster to replace them. the reason we got a 45-55 year old coach i think was because of the shortage all the regular extra 1st class coaches were pressed into regular service and someone at the last minute said oh shit and had it pulled off the deadline and put in service. I got plenty of pictures of this coach and almost missed the next train at Pfaffikon SZ. Our group got on an eaqually old coach there on one of the trains, however it appears to have been serviced more recently than the one we rode on the prior train, i rode in the regular first class section in some newer versions of those cars.

dinner was had at a local chur pizzeria, did find the two strip clubs in town (yet no "clubs" per se) but dident go in, and tonight is our last night here. Now two nights in Locarno.

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