Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Bible makes a good mousepad

Today started in Chur and ended in Locarno in the italian speaking part of Switzerland. This morning a couple of short city bus rides were made around Chur on the 4 and 1 routes, on mercedees citaro equipment. After that the group boarded a Post bus (only after a quick trip to the gift shop to get a post bus of my own) to Davos, where we transferred to the Appenzellan Bahn to Thusis with a transfer in Fillisur. After that we boarded another post bus to go across the alps to Bellinzona than on a regional train (with modern stadler equipment like the thurbo's except in 5 car sets) to Locarno. The hotel is in walking distance to the train station. the post bus trips took and hour and a half and two and a half hours respectivly, and our group took up most of the bus. the bus to Bellinzona was full with local traffic coming on after us already and infact had standees. The two bus trips were quite scenic, on narrow roads which made for an intresting ride. The train ride from Bellinzona to Locarno was on the SBB gottard route, which is their busy north south main line and trains run every few minutes either goods or passenger. Upon arriving in locanro we went for a ride up the incline which was quite a fun ride and walked around town. Dinner was already arranged for at he hotel, infact it comes with the room cost which is kind of redicules if you ask me, however since it was a plated meal and since i dont like plated meals i went downtown to a pizzria to get a salami pizza and a coke. afterwards i tired to go to the co op to get some coke to take back to the room, however it was closed by the time i had gotten there so that idea was nixed. when it came time to take my pills i went down to the "Bar barge", which isnt its real name but its this boat that sits on the water (our room here in Locarno overlooks the water and alps), and plays some awful tacky music, and is slackly tied to the dock for the effect. I went in to get a coke, and there were 3 guys in this thing, the bartender and two customers chewing the fat. I think they were old sea hands swapping tales, anyways i get my coke and sit down and enjoy the music and atmosphere of an establsihment that is very nautical in theme (with fishing net over the ceiling and fake sealife in it, a couple old ship lanters inside and everything. its quite the sight. Tommorw we sail the lake and look at a couple of castles/flower gardens, kinda blah day on the trip but the rest of it looks like fun. Still a little over a week left, hard to beilieve its been a week so far. Also since we are in the italian section of switzerland, italian is the predominate language and infulence. you can tell this by their driving (they dont stop for pedistirans), the dogs tend to bark instead of being well behaved like in the german parts of switzerland, and they tend to dress down more than people in the german part of the country. ive seen more t-shirts here than i have all trip so far. oh, and the women are as beautiful to look at as always. And as for the title, yes i am using a bible as a mousepad, as blasphmeous as it may be since the desk surface is glass and the mouse dosent like it.

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