Saturday, April 18, 2009

Winterthur and St Gallen

The Tour started off with open space in the morning, so we went up to winterthur. Took the Appenzell bahn to the mainline transfer at Glossau and than on an ICN train to winterthur. At Winterthur pictures of the buses were taken, and rode a trolleycoach to a suburb of winterthur and than back on an Sbahn with Thurbo equipment. Than rode another set of Thurbo equipment to Wil, and than another ICN train to st gallen. Again pictures of the local buses were taken in St. Gallen, and the 3 volume national bus/rail timetable and map set aquired at the station. Had lunch at McD's and the local and very attractive employee working the counter (most, if not all swiss women are very very attractive) whom actually spoke a little engish served me, than we went on a #5 trolley coach to transfer back to the AB and rejoin the tour group just outside of st gallen. From there we followed the tour group to the abby in st gallen, were we viewed the historic library and cathederal of the abby and Afterwards we took a trip on the AB interurban type line to Trogan, boarded a #230 post bus from Torgran to Heiden, than down the cog railway from Heiden to Rorscarch and than a regional train using conventional single level equipment back to St Gallen and the AB home. a long and rather productive day i think. The Abbey itself was beuatiful, the library was simply awesome. It was wall to wall books, 2 stories tall and most of them were several hundred years old, i saw some with dates from 1529 imprinted on them, and some others with an astrological chart from the 920s on display. the floor is a beautiful parquet floor, which you have to wear felt slippers over your shoes so you dont mar the floor at all. i did purchase a book about the library and some postcards from the gift shop which i hope to send out to some intrested parties in the next day or two.

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