Friday, May 1, 2009


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Spent the day travelling from Interlaken to Wernigrode. Only staying one night in Wernigrode, which is a nice german town with a large car-less plaza. The ride up was relativly uneventful, although i did ride on a very full ICE Train from Basil to Hannover, than a local train with a DMU (yes, rode my first non electric train today) from Hannover to Wernigrode. The train from Interlaken to Basil was a typical SBB RE train, with added corail cars on the front for added capasity. the ICE train was very full with the mayday holiday, luggage was spread anywhere, if its any shortcoming of the european train system is that they dont have enough luggage capasity, especally for large bags. Everyone is off on holiday this weekend so everything was very busy, there was a long line in the bord bistro, and luggage everywhere in the asles. Also because of mayday, there were police everywhere in Hannover, probally had a bit of drunken revelry or something. Anyways tommorw the Brocken Bahn and back to hannover in the evening, since no one speaks english over here it will be intresting to see if we can get a ride on the Brocken Bahn.

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