Friday, May 1, 2009

The Matterhorn

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Today was the last formal day of the tour, and we went to the matterhorn. First we took a SBB train to Spiez, using old Co-Rail equipment, than a ride to Visp over the new tunnel route which is a base tunnel under the alps. Afterwards we went to transfer to the train to Zermatt. Only problem with that was we had to take a bus to St. Nicholas, since the line was severed with a rock slide that morning. The buses were very crowded. The rest of line was very scenic, and very covered in fresh snow, so much so that when i got to Zermatt, i had to go to the Kiosk and bought a pair of sunglasses. After that we got on the train to Gornergrat. It was a narrow guage line up the hill to a viewing post to see the matterhorn, plus shop and eat and the like. The line was very scenic, lots of snow there. the matterhorn was out, not sourrounded by clouds and infront of a beautiful blue sky. I did visit the shops there, and purchased a 16GB Swiss Army Pen knife, not only does it have a flashlight, USB stick, cisssors, screwdriver, pen its also really really nifty. After that we came back down, had to take the bus, and back the way we came. I will post pictures in a few days, probally on flickr or some such so all in sundry can see them. Tommorw is heading for germany, than a ride on the hartz mountain railroad, than home. This trip has gone by fast.

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