Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Rat House

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Today is the last day in Europe. Day started out riding the HSB Rode up to the top of the Broken, the trains were packed being mayday weekend. Saw a nice museum with a room full of old soviet hardware which used to reside on the top of the broken It was neat, you could even go to the top of one of the buildings and go on the roof and see inside one of the old radar/antenna domes. really neat. Coming back down the broken we passed 3 trains that were full of tourists. most visitoers to the broken are german speaking, its kind of a hidden attraction of thiers. The mountain is a national park and rivals mt rainier for beauty. After coming back to Wernigrode we took an Regional train back to Hannover, after of course buying some more DVDs at the local kiosk/general merchandisers in the train station. This makes 14 DVDs bought on this trip. some in NTSC but most in PAL, which i can watch on the computer. Although i may have to hook up an old DVD drive to my PC and set it for a diffrent region to play the DVDs well.. Got back to Hannover, checked in at the hotel and my Tmobile wi-fi 30 day pass which i only paid 30 euro's for worked like a charm (was hoping it would, so i can get my moneys worth out of it), and went and rode some of the local tramlines and had pizza at pizza hut. Never saw any in switzerland, but saw a few in germany. The food quality is about the same as in the US, however they do not have a "thin" crust as we know it. also their pepperoni is known as salami as it usually is in germany. I think if i ordered a salmi supereme pizza from my local PH they would think i have gone flippo and ordered something diffrent, than wonder wtf salami is when in reality it is what we know as pepperoni.

Tommorw is the flight home. Hopefully should be back to seattle before my dinner time at ten oclock, or atleast thats the hope. Hopefully wont encounter too many problems with a 9 hour flight back to the US, than all the hostilities involved with re-entering your own country. Lots of time on an airplane thats for sure :-( Even though the train may be slower, its a much much much more civilized way to travel, even if you are crammed in a compartment with 4 other people you dont know and who are not speaking your language.

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