Saturday, September 8, 2012


Today was the start of the Swiss summertime tour in Zurich. The tour met at Zurich airport, Jim got up before I did to help Carl meet the tour guests, I came a couple hours later after taking a sleep in a little, showering, and watching bill Clinton’s speech at the DNC. After arriving at the airport I couldn’t find Jim, but eventually caught up to him and Carl about 45 minutes later. After that I helped Jarl round people up for the tour, got my faulty power adapter exchanged and picked up some pommes at McDonalds. After that we got on IC 825 at Zurich Flughafen, which was the hourly train to Bern. There is a section of the 1st class car reserved for our tour, however since most people took an earlier train this portion is nearly empty.  This train is going to Brig via Bern on the new high speed line (125mph)
After arriving in Brig we got to the hotel which was conveniently across the street from the bahnhof. In town today is a catholic fraternal association meeting that meets in Brig every 11 years (they meet in other cities the other times). And they put on quite a show. In the main street of the town is a festival, and at dark they had a torchlight parade. The parade was interesting because there were all the different sub groups of this organization parading down the street preceded and followed by a drum/clarinet corps, one of the sub groups were playing the pipes, and the rest were usually singing. The amount they sang varied by how much beer they previously had, or the louder ones still had their cups of beer as they were marching down the street. In one of the plazas in town there were several mobile food/beer carts setup. Most of the beer carts had music playing, most of it was in English, which got me wondering if they could understand more English than I thought or don’t pay that much attention.
After dinner at a local pizzeria, I went down and enjoyed the festivities some, having some ice cream and watching the parade. Lots of people showed up to enjoy the party at night, and I have a feeling it will run for a good part of the night. It reminded me a lot of con.

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At least you are having Pizza in an Italian speaking country