Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 11: Albula Pass Railway Museum / Landvasser Viaduct

Today was our "free" day in Chur. A short tour was arranged to take the post bus over Julierpass on a post bus to St Moritz. This post bus line used some MAN "Lyons City" Regio intercity buses running over a very impressive pass and through some very narrow streets. At St. Moritz, while waiting for the connecting train we saw a pair of 1920s Pullman day coaches in the yard. There we transferred to a Rhätische Bahn train to Bergün to see the new Albula Railway Museum (http://www.rhb.ch/Bahnmuseum-Albula.1924.0.html?&L=4).

The museum was good; it was pretty new but had some interesting exhibits about the Albula tunnel and even a retired "Crocodile" locomotive on display out front. They had various exhibits and displays, and many interactive displays, informational videos, and even a couple of games. In the basement they had various artifacts on display that were not quite part of the museum, this included an end of an old dining car, various switch and signal equipment, and racks of other material on display.

Once we were done with the museum, we missed the train so we waited for the next one which took us to Filisur. There we went searching for the famous Landvasser viaduct. There are signs pointing trails out all over Switzerland, however they can be hard to find at times. Our first attempt was failure as we wound up at a gate with a couple burrows staring us down. The next attempt we wound up in the middle of the field. Finally we found the right trail which descended to the valley and lead us to another trail and took us to the bottom of the bridge. The bridge is impressive and we saw a couple of trains pass before we ascended back up to Filisur. Got a good couple mile hike in today from all that wandering around. From Filisur we got back on the train for Chur, and after a brief stop at the hotel went to a pizzeria in the old town area for dinner.

the Landvasser Viaduct

Saw this in the Post Auto office and it had to join the fleet.

The MAN Lyon's City Regio that we rode over the Julierpass Line. A very nice intercity coach. has room for 1 W/C, has rear doors, and Luggage bins. These are very nice coaches, MCI should pay more attention, or MAN should market these in the US.

A retired Rhätische Bahn "Crocodile" built in 1922 infront of the Albula Pass railway museum in Bergün

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