Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 12: Chur to Innsbruck

Today’s adventures took us to Innsbruck, Austria. After breakfast in the morning, we got on a SBB regional train to Sargans using co rail equipment, however this time we rode in 2nd class from Chur to Sargans. 2nd class is nice; the seats are 2 and 2 arranged into groups of 4. At Sarganns we got on an OBB rail jet train to Innsbruck. The OBB rail jet trains, are fixed consist sets of cars about equal in size to co rail cars, however they are newer Siemens stock and they are very nice. The cars have free Wi-Fi and a restaurant car and all the modern features you would expect, and are capable of 200 KMH, however they never get that fast on this line.
Once we arrived in Innsbruck we did some sightseeing and tram car riding. We rode the tram cars on part of the 1 and 3 lines. They make a loop around the downtown core and off into other parts of the city and are well used.
After that we saw the museum district. We first went to the court church where we saw the tomb of Emperor Maximilan I and the 28 bronze statues of the emperors relatives and ancestors from the 16th century. After that we saw the hofburg, the home of Maria Theresa and her husband through their rocky marriage. The place is filled with historic paintings and her old apartment was restored for display.
After that we saw the golden roof in Innsbruck, built in 1500, the balcony roof is covered in 2657 gilded tiles, giving it the name. They have a small museum that explains the structure and emperor maximilian I.
Than we rode the #6 tram line to its terminus at the Igls bahnhof. This line leaves the city and goes up a hill and through forests, a park, a corn field until it finally reaches its terminus at... it’s really surprising this kind of line can survive but it has, it even has a streetcar loop at the end which is little used with the modern fleet of low floor trams.

The Golden Roof in Innsbruck

An Innsbruck Tram on the #6 Line at Igis Bahnhof

A 1920s Pullman Diner in the yard in Chur

A RhB locomotive in Chur

An SBB CoRail car in a branded scheme in Chur

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