Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 15: Salzburg

This is the last day of the tour, and it was planned to be a free day in Innsbruck. A small tour to Salzburg was arranged, and this morning everyone got on Railjet train 663 to Wien (Vienna) via Salzburg. The rail jet trains are normally packed, and today was no exception. We had to kick 2 people out of our reserved seats when we got on this morning. The ride to Salzburg took us through Germany, on the nonstop train.

At Salzburg we walked over to the start of a coach tour that had been arranged for. On the way I was busy photographing the trolleybuses that passed. Today is national Park-ing day, and the local transit agency in Salzburg had one of their trolleybuses parked in the town square with sod placed infront of and inside the coach. Salzburg has an extensive trolleycoach system, with around 100 vehicles manufacgtured by Graft+Sift, VanHool, and Solaris. The bus tour of Salzburg was less than interesting. For 31 euros that included a boat tour and was a very basic tour of some things in the outlying areas. The couple stops we made we didn’t even see much except for distant views of castles, and a stop for the restroom. We didn’t even bother going on the boat tour. Instead we went on a walking tour of the old town, through an impressive 17th century church and up to the castle on the funicular. After that we went back to the Hbf and got on a local train back to Worgl and then a transfer to Innsbruck.

This route took us through the countryside on a different route than we took this morning. At Worgl we connected to train IC 866 to get back to Innsbruck. This train is conventional co rail equipment and has a number of compartment cars. Compartments for those who don’t know, are rooms in a train car with 3 or 4 seats across facing each other and each compartment has a door facing a hallway on one side of the car. Usually they are a glass wall but sometimes can be a solid wall with windows. They are nice if you know other people in the compartment but it can be a bit awkward if you don’t know the others in the car. Its archaic and a waste of space by todays stanards. The IC886 was running late and we were able to catch it. This got us into Innsbruck about an hour earlier than we had planned. Plenty of time to have dinner, and again I went to pizza Palermo. It’s only a couple of blocks from the hotel and very good.

The Local Train we rode from Salzburg to Worgl

A DB Train headed for Munich in the Salzburg depot

A castle from the Sound Of Music. The tour we went on made a couple of photo stops like this but it was overall pretty bad.

Salzburg as viewed from the castle on the hill

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