Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 6 Interlaken and Grindelwald

Today was a day full of changes. Originally we were to take a euro city train from brig to Thun, however with the unreliability of those trains thanks to the Italians we took a regional train instead. At Thun we took ICE train #5 which started in Hannover at midnight to Interlaken. The train was only a few minutes late despite being on the rails for 11 hours at that point. At Interlaken we changed to the paddle steamer Lotschberg to Brienz.

The paddle steamer was built in 1914 and gave a terrific ride across the lake in regular service. At Brienz due to terrible weather on the Brienz Rothorn Jim and I broke off from the group and took the next train back to Interlaken. The rest of the group went to see a wood carvers museum while we went back to Interlaken.

We got to Interlaken Ost and got on a train to Interlaken West. At Interlaken west we walked up to the Heimwehfluh. The Heimwehfluh is a funicular up to the top. At the top they have an observation tower, restaurant, and a model railroad exhibit. The model railroad show was interesting as they had the trains running with narration and music, along with day and night lighting. They also have a toboggan ride down the mountain, which is sort of like a monorail. But damn is it fun, you go fast on it and i mean fast. After getting to the bottom we proceeded east to the harder Klum.

The harder Klum funicular takes you 4337 up the side of the harder Klum. When you get to the top, there is a short walk to the restaurant and hotel and observation platform. The platform juts out beyond the hillside and has impressive views of Interlaken, the Brienzersee, and the Thunersee.

After our decent we watched some trains across the river that connects the brienzersee and thunersee, and then rejoined the group at Interlaken OST. From there we took the train to Grindelwald where the group had dinner at the hotel and i went to another local hotel pizzeria for dinner. It was good a good meal although was a bit pricy.

The Heimwehfluh Funicular

Interlaken from Harder Klum

The Brienzersee as vieweed from the Heimwehfluh

The Toboggan ride down the heimwehfluh

The BLS Lotschberg on the Brienzersee at Brienz

The BLS Lotschberg on the Brienzersee

Bonigen and lake Brienzersee

The BLS Lotschberg

Builders plate on the Lake steamer Lotschberg

ICE Train in Interlaken

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