Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 10 Tirano and the Emmental Valley

Today’s trip was a ride on the Bernina express to the town of Tirano in Italy. We had done this ride before in 2009 when it was covered in snow. This time there was no snow to be seen, but you could see the lakes and stuff that. We did get to see some glaciers on the way down, but like most glaciers they are receding. The ride each way is about 3 hours, long over some pretty impressive grades, bridges, and tunnels. There are several sections of switchbacks, and curved tunnels to change grades. When we got to Tirano we had lunch at small pizzeria on the other side of the station and got on the train to go back. The ride back was nice, and we got off at Samedan and rode the Engadin line train that used a little used connection into the Vereina line tunnel and eventually got us back to Landquart where we transferred to a local train to Chur. Overall, it was a pretty uneventful day. Chur is an interesting city; there are very few restaurants in general in its downtown core/old town area. A few bars, but few restaurant’s to speak of. In absence of anything else that I could find decent, tonight’s dinner was had at Mc Donald’s, afterwards stopping by the train station to get a coke from the convince store before calling it a night.

Glacer near Alp Grum

RhB Trains in Tirano, Italy

Our Glacier Express train corssing the Kreisviadukt Brusio

A log car on a Bernina line train going to Tirano, Italy at Pontresina

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