Thursday, September 6, 2012

Harzer Schmalspurbahnen

Today was a long ride on the HSB

We started out the morning with a train ride to the brocken. After having a nice breakfast at the hotel we arrived at the bahnhof a short while before they opened so we went into the main DB station to get some snacks at news stand. All i had was credit on me, so i had to buy a DVD along with my two cokes to get to the required amount to be able to use my credit card. There apparantly are no ATM's in Wernigerode.

After getting drinks at the bahnhof, we went over to the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen bahnhof which is next to the main DB station. We got on train 8931 to the Brocken. The train ride up was steam powered and relativly uneventful, althought id did get pretty full by Drei Annen Hone.

Once at the broken me and jim walked around the trail at the top of the brocken, stopping for train photos. We did walk down a short hill which i think was a road built by the soviets to get to the tracks to see a train pass. For those of you that dont know, the broken was a former soviet radio listening post on their far western border, and it features a large radio tower that looks like a rocket. After seeing the train pass we completed the trail and decided to wait a while longer and get some souviners. I got some post cards at the bahnhof, and a couple more at the Brocken's gift shop. Some school group got to the gift shop before i did, and swamped the place, however after a few minutes wait i was able to get out of there.

On the train ride back down, we took train 8930 and got off at Drei Anne Hone, since our train was an hour plus away we did some railfanning in the area catching a couple of HSB trains passing through. Our train #8929 one of the two steam powered trains a day to Nordhaused Bhanhofsplatz arrived and after shuffling engines at Drei Anne Hone we were off. The trip to Eisfelder was uneventful and we changed trains in Eisfelder Talmuhle to train #8964 to Qudelinburg which was waiting on track 3.

The run to Qudelinburg was intresting as the locomotive had to change from the head to the tail end in Stiege after meeting with the rail car. The line makes reversal there. after that we ran a few minutes late for the rest of the trip, stopping to meeting the rail car service to Harzgerode in Alexisbad and taking on water there as well. The line from Gemrode to Quedinburg has abandoned standardguage track along it, and the stops featured large stations, which were for the most part nearly or fully abandoned.

After getting into Qudelinburg we got on HEX 80865, operated by a DMU set to go to halbertstadt. This train ran on time, and again along its route large nearly or fully abandoned station buildings were noted. In Halbertstadt we transferred to train HEX 80934. The train arrived in halbertstat as a 2 car dmu set and was broken up into two seperate trains at this point. We completed our journey to Wernigrode were we had dinner at the nice pizzaria in the bahnhof.

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