Saturday, September 22, 2012

Innsbruck to Wien (Vienna)

This morning we again took the rail jet 663 out of Innsbruck after breakfast and checking out of the hotel. The ride to Wien was fairly uneventful except for a full train out of Salzburg and some slow orders and 200 KMH running in segments. After arriving in Salzburg we took a tram to our hotel and got checked in, and then took the tram back to the westbahnhof for lunch at McD's. McD's had an interesting self-ordering kiosk, like the one in berlin; it comes in multiple languages and makes ordering easy. Like in Germany you have to pay extra for ketchup, but for your .20 you get a decent cup of ketchup. After lunch we took the subway downtown, and while walking towards the Danube we found a hobby shop. A magazine and a model of a Salzburg trolleybus later... we make it to the Danube where I photographed the trams, including some 40+ year old trams still in daily service. Eventually we got on one on the 2 line and rode it out to one end in the trailer. The trailer car must have been ten years older than the motor car, as it had wood paneling on the walls and the fluorescent lights had a very old grill over them. At the end of the line we changed to the lead car and ride it through town to the other end. The line went through downtown where they had a street festival going on today. Greenpeace had something to do with it; and I think it was on conjunction with National Parking Day. After going to the other end of the line and reversing direction we got off at parliament and walked through the festival. I stopped to write a message on the pavement and take pictures of the trams going by. After making our way back to westbahnhof we found dinner at a local pizzeria.

A E2 Tram passing by some sidewalk chalk artwork in the street

A 1971 Tram still in daily service in Wien

The other side of the tram and its trailer at its terminal in Wein

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