Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stampede Pass

Today’s Adventure took me and a friend of BNSF's Stampede Pass Line. Overall, the day was not very successful. We first decided to jump ahead to Yakima to catch a couple of eastbound grain trains. We had heard of one at Pomona and went to check it out and saw nothing there. Figuring it wouldn't be far along we jumped ahead to a spot south of Union Gap and waited. And waited some more. After a lengthy wait we decided that nothing was coming, so back into Yakima we went. While in Yakima, we saw a rather sad looking EMD "F" Unit, and two tired passenger cars now used as offices. The F unit was interesting as it had a freight pilot on the front, and was missing 3 of its 4 traction motors. Obviously it wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon. The passenger cars were of Seaboard Coast line and Central of Georgia heritage, with the latter owning the former observation car on the rear. About the time we were done looking at the train, we heard a real train pass by, so we went on the chase. We never did catch up to it and decided to head back. On the way back we did catch one eastbound BNSF empty grain train in Cle Elum.

A rather sad looking EMD "F" Unit in Yakima

Eastbound BNSF Empty Grain Train at Cle Elum

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