Sunday, February 17, 2013

Plains to Missoula

Todays Adventures took us from Planes, MT to Missoula, MT chasing trains on the Montana Rail Link. It was mostly westbound BNSF through freights, although we did see one MRL gas train. Also saw a baby fishbowl in Frenchtown, and 4 BOEING 737 Fuselages in Missoula, MT.
Greyhound MCI G4500 #7262 and 7263 stopped in St. Regis, MT. 7262 later ended her day in Missoula.
An GMC TDH-3301/3302 in Frenchtown, MT. I don't know who the prior operator was, the fleet numbers 4191 and B4 are on the rear of the coach.
One of 4 Boeing 737 Fuselage's on a BNSF train at Missoula, MT on the Montana Rail Link. They are built in Wichita, Kansas and Shipped on the BNSF and MRL to Renton, WA

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