Monday, April 29, 2013

Free Day in New York

Today was a free day in NYC. To start out we went to the tourist trap known as the Empire State building. There were different people hawking different tour "packages" and we bought one for the princely sum of $57 dollars that included a "sky ride" on a hydraulically operated platform with an IMAX like movie playing, and than a ride up to the 86th floor observatory. Although I later figured out I could have probably done it cheaper the more traditional way through the tower directly. After seeing the sights at the Empire State, we went to Penn station, and while it is kind of a dive, it does have the advantage of having all sorts of food and convenience items available, which even our newly remodeled King Street Station in Seattle does not offer.

After having lunch at Penn Station, we went to the 9/11 memorial. While the tickets were free there, you have to walk halfway around the site, and go through security to get there. You could get your free tickets online, and pay a $2 processing fee, however today the line for the free tickets was shorter than the pre-ticketed line. The rain must have had something to do with that.

The memorial itself is nice, it has two large square reflecting pools and on the railings are the names of those who perished. Actually kind of moving thinking that all these poor guys did was go to work like everyone else does and they had this happen to them. While reading through the names I found a couple of transit workers who also perished, I don't know what they did, I'm guessing they were field supervisors or something. I guess something like this could happen to anyone.

After seeing the 9/11 memorial, it was time to ride the subways, Since the R32 cars seem to live on the "C" line, and they have the rail fan window we rode the "C" to Euclid Avenue, than back to Franklin Ave where we got on the Franklin Ave Shuttle "S" line. We rode that to Prospect Park and got on a Q train to Coney Island. Since it wasn't the summertime Coney island was dead - and I mean Dead. None of the amusements were open, Nathans Hot Dogs was closed, and even the bar and strip club were closed (I thought those places NEVER closed).

After that we got on an F train headed for Delancy Street. When we arrived we went to Katz's Delicatessen. It was a true New York Deli, they had everything from sandwiches, Hamburgers, Fries and would even ship the Salami of your dreams to you. After having dinner there, we went on the J/Z Line to Canal Street and Transferred to the "R" Train. I now know why I don't see too many fat New Yorkers, if you use the subways enough you get plenty of workout navigating the passage ways and all the stairs, to transfer from the J to the R there must have been no less than 4 sets of stairs, a walk down a full of a 10 car platform, and than another half block walk in a tunnel to get to the other platform. A lot of these transfers seem to be the same way.

After getting on the R train we rode to Whitehall street and got off, after a quick stroll through battery park we got photos from shore of the statue of liberty and Ellis island. After that we decided we had not ridden any NYC buses on this trip, so we rode the M15 SBS all the way to 125th Street with a Nova LFS Artic and transferred to a Bx15 to get to the 125th A/B/C/D stop. We had a New Flyer D60 for that. At 125th St we got on a R32 C train for the ride back to 42nd St / Port Authority and than on the #320 bus back to the hotel.

Manhattan and the Under Construction 1 WTC

The Reflecting Pool at the 9/11 Memorial

Nova LFS #1263 on the M15 SBS at 1st and 125th St

MCI D4500 #7132 on the #320 in Seacacus

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