Saturday, April 27, 2013

Motor Bus Society Day 3 - Lakewood N.J. and Academy and Peter Pan.

Todays visit consisted of a visit to the New Jersey Transit garage in Lakewood, NJ where their historical fleet is kept. After that a Visit to the Academy yard in Perth Amboy, NJ followed by and the Peter Pan yard in Secaucus. The C.B.O.A provided the buses and used a Flxible Metro "B", GMC Buffalo, and a ex New York Bus Service suburban fishbowl. Coach Tours Also provided a 102DL3 MCI

The NJT historical fleet is impressive not only for how many buses it gas but the overall excellent condition they are kept in. They have an extensive fleet of older coaches and newer ones (which im sure were hand picked for inclusion, and than restored ontop of that.) one of their newer buses, a 1995 nova rts spent its whole life in training service and only has 87,000 miles on it. The rest of the fleet is a little more used but still in great shape. After the visit to their garage in Lakewood, and a short ride we went to lunch at a local shopping mall.

After Lunch we stopped at the Academy yard in Perth Amboy, NJ we photographed some artics that used to be on the Rutgers contract, along with NJT (contract) and Academy buses. After academy we went to Rutgers university to watch the buses. As it turned out the stop we were dropped off at was closed due to "Family Day" and the buses were stopping on the other side of campus. The local band "Dentist" was playing some indie/alt/90ish music, and were really good so I wound up listening to them.

After re boarding the buses we made our way back to Secaucus for the tour of the bolt/peter pan yard there. At the peter pan yard in seacacus, they had some equipment on display and we could look at the coaches in the yard. Once our visit there was done we returned to the hotel. After visiting the swap meet I headed back into NYC on the 320 bus. It runs late enough i dont have to worry about missing it coming home.

After having dinner at Capizzi, I went to go for a subway ride. I had intended to ride the C to 165th and transfer to a 1 back to 42nd, however i noticed there were R32 cars on the C. Not to mention the C train was short turning at 145th due to track work. I managed to catch a C train with an R32 and went as far as 145th. Than i rode it back looking out the rail fan window and videoing all the way to Penn Station. After that i returned to PABT in barely enough time to make the last 320 to depart gate 231 at 10 (after 10 it moves to gate 320).

A Nova RTS, Flxible Metro and MC9 in NJT's historical Fleet.

A Flxible Metro and MCI MC9 with small destination sign cap in the NJT Historical Fleet

A GMC Old Look suburban and C.O.B.A GM Buffalo

A GMC New Look Suburban in the NJT historical Fleet

Academy and NJT buses in the Academy Yard.

Peter Pan MCI "One Armed Pirate"

1964 NYCTA R32A #3729 at 145th Street on the "C" Line (Actually a D Line Stop)

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