Sunday, April 28, 2013

Motor Bus Society Day 4 - New York City

Today started out by visiting New York City Transit's Michael J. Quill depot which is located near the Port Authority and near Times Square. NYCTA had brought a bunch of its historic buses to Quill for us to visit. The Quill depot is actually a multi-story ex Greyhound shop, and the historic buses were parked on the roof. After riding an RTS shuttle from the ground floor to the roof, we got to see the historic buses, and some of the current fleet. Nearly everything NYCTA ran was present here, including GMC Old Looks, New Looks, and Classics, a MACK, and a Grumman. Also on deck was Nova LFS's, RTS's, New Flyer D60s and Xcelsior's, and Orion 7s. After we were done with Quill we went to the Roosevelt Island Operating authority's yard on Roosevelt Island. We managed to see 7 of their 7 buses in the yard or shops, they were all Orion 7s.

After Roosevelt Island we headed towards Flushing, stopping at the yard of Private Transportation/MCIZ (Mazel Bus Corp). They seem to have a shared yard with a few different firms, They operate the Grey line sightseeing buses, plus some of the jewish lines, and of course MCIZ. The Jewish operators seem to have a bunch of ex Fairfax Connector Orion Vs, while The Grey Line double deckers are interesting. They are rebuilt transit buses, where the roof has been cut off and a top deck installed. They seem to do this conversion on just about anything, Including an Orion 1 (like mine), New Flyer D40LFs (ex Phoenix), Gillig Low Floors (ex Hertz, Avis, PSTA) and Phantoms (ex Denver). No two are the same, even though they may have started out as the same thing. On the High floor coaches, the rear door forms the stairwell upstairs, and the Origonal drivers compartment is left intact (except for a much lower ceiling) and the rest of the coach walled off. The Low Floors, the low floor section actually still remains seated, and the stairs are installed where the upper section starts, the rest of that is walled off. Real strange modifications.

After having lunch on Main Street in flushing, we headed over to LaGuardia Depot. We had a nice tour there, got to see RTS's Orion 7's and two ex Bee Line Orion 5's (111 and 156). They also had some MCIs. This was the old Triborough depot. After visiting LaGuardia we went to Staten Island to the Eltingville Transit Center and watched buses from Yukon go by. After that it was back to the hotel to end the convention.

GMC Old Looks on display at Quill

Nova RTS at Quill

GMC New Looks with a Nova RTS and Orion 7 at Quill

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Orion 7 #3

An Orion 1 rebuilt as a double deck coach...

NYCT Prevost XL II at Eltingville Transit Center

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