Thursday, April 25, 2013

Motor Bus Society Spring 2012 Day 1 - Nice Bus/NYCT Zerega and Eastchester

Today was the first day of the MBS convention. It started out with the usual morning registration and boarding our coaches. The first stop of the morning was a curbside pick up at the pa bus terminal.

Once that was done, we went to the javits center for a double deck tour of the areas bus yards. This was probably one of the more interesting tours the grey line tour has ever given. We circled around the neighborhood looking at the day coach storage yards in the area. After that we hopped back on our bus and went to the NICE yard in garden city. NICE is the new brand name for what used to be Long Island Bus after the county contracted with Veolia to operate the service instead of MTA. After a visit to their yard and shops, with a lot of equipment on display, we had lunch at a nearby mall.

After lunch we headed to Mta/New York City Bus's zerega central maintenance. At zerega we got a tour of the shop where regular overhaul is done on all nyct buses. They also do maintenance training here and have a small dedicated fleet for that consisting if mostly older but well kept buses. After zerega we went to nyct's eastchester depot where we got to see the boneyard. They had a bunch of retired orion Vs and RTSs waiting to be hauled to scrap. After eastchester we went to white plains to photograph westchester bee line in action. White plains is a suburban stop on metro north's harlem line. It features a large transit center that is underneath a parking structure (the train station is one block over, separated by another parking garage for commuters) and is actually a fairly busy stop.

At White Plains we had the choice of continuing with the group back to the hotel, or taking a Harlem line train to Grand Central and make our way home from there. We chose to go to Grand Central Terminal, which was a first for me. On the way in, a lady who was also going to Grand Central recommended a pizzeria - Capizzi which was behind the PA bus terminal. Once we arrived at Grand Central, we did a little bit of exploring of the terminal, and took a break to charge my phone. When done there we made our way towards the "S" subway from Grand Central to Times Square. The S line is ran with R-62A Cars. We rode that brief ride to Times Square, and went to the surface. On the Surface we found a couple of RTS's Laying over, and than went to get dinner at Capizzi.

Dinner was good, and very reasonably priced. Afterwards we went to catch a #320 NJT bus from PA Terminal to Seacacus, However due to a bomb scare (which later turned out to be an abandoned gym bag) the terminal was closed. After waiting around for a few minutes the terminal re-opened and we were able to buy our tickets and get on a bus. Because the terminal was closed the buses were packed as people were leaving. Other than that it was a relatively uneventful evening.

Orion V # 1621 of NICE

New York City Bus 1999 Nova RTS #5177 at Zerega Central Maintenance Facility

Grand Central Terminal

R-62A #1930 on the "S" Line at Grand Central Terminal

Nova RTS #5062 Laying over on 40th and 8th.


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