Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New York Transit Museum and home

Todays adventure took us to the New York Transit Museum. We started out on the 320 to PABT and than got on an R36 "C" train. The museum is located about two blocks west of the Hoyt-Schmmerhorn station in the unused Court street station (was built for An extension that never happened). In the station mezzanine they have exhibits and displays setup, including a mock up RTS and fishbowl.

Downstairs they have several cars on display, everything from old gate cars used on the elevated, to IRT low v's, BMT standards, and IND R1/R9, an R11, R16, R30, and R36. They also have a recently retired R46 as well as some other equipment on display.

Once we were done there we got on an R46 equipped "A" train to penn station. We had lunch at Penn station (which has a food court unlike King Street Stn. in Seattle) we walked back to PABT and checked out the neighborhood a bit more. After seeing bad traffic entering the lincoln tunnel we decided to take an earlier 320. Once back at the hotel and with our bags the hotel van took us to Seacacus Jct. and we got on an NJT northeast corridor line train to newark airport.

A couple of comments about fare collection, the NYC metro card needs to be replaced with a contact-less system, half the turnstiles did not like one or both of our cards, also the NJT ticketing system seems wasteful with ticket vending machines all over the place that need to be maintained, and the Parkeon wayfarer devices on the buses seem to spit out a lot of paper receipts for no reason at all. Im sure its been done this way for 100 years and probably not going to change soon. This concludes the trip to NY.

The Ad's inside the New York Subway are interesting, This one for Dr. Zizmore offers treatment for a number of skin ailments with easy financing with approval for just about everyone. The Lady in the artwork looks a little possessed if you ask me, I have to wonder what his treatments really do.

An R-30 Car in the NYTM

The Court Street Station with an IND R9 car on display

NJT MCI D4500 #7128

NJT Ticket and a NYC Metro Card

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