Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The New Talgo 8 Trainset "ODOT 1"

Yesterday's Adventure was chasing ODOT 1 - A brand new Talgo 8 Train set making its way to Seattle behind Amtrak power and Amtrak service from the AAR Test track in Pueblo, CO. This Train had been following the Coast Starlight from the Bay Area so it was thought it would continue behind #14 out of Portland, OR, however it was held and followed Cascades train #508 to Seattle. After catching #14 in Bucoda, Myself and a friend continued to Centralia to have dinner and wait for ODOT 1 to pass through behind #508. While waiting at the station we saw #508, both a timetable east and west bound UP freight, And than ODOT 1 passing through just after dark (and after the weather had started to turn). I decided to make a video of the train passing through instead of taking pictures since they would not have turned out in the lighting.

Amtrak's Coast Starlight Passing Through Bucoda, WA

Amtrak Cascades #508 With a Clear Signal at Centralia, WA 

Dusk at Centralia, WA with a Westbound UP freight approaching the station

Amtrak Power leading the new Talgo 8 train set "ODOT 1" passing through Centralia
The Talgo 8 Train set "ODOT 1" passing through Centralia

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