Saturday, July 27, 2013

Motor Bus Society and Grab Shots in Seattle

I have finally finished uploading all the videos and pictures from the Motor Bus Society's Spring 2013 convention in NY and NJ. On-top of that I have been in Seattle for the past few days and have been posting some grab shots taken with my cell phone in my wanderings. Including various Trolley Buses and even one of the new Talgo 8 Train sets purchased by ODOT for the Amtrak Cascades. Next up will probably be more pictures from the old website, and some of my other adventures.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Latest Updates

I now have all the pictures from the official part of the Motor Bus Society trip in NY up, Adding City Sights/Grey line yard in Brooklyn, Main Street in Flushing, LaGuardia Depot, and finishing up with the Eltingville Transit Center this evening. I'm now working on my free day's in NYC wandering around riding the subways and seeing the Transit Museum. In the past couple of weeks I have also added BC Transit photos from Whistler as well, including their fuel cell H40LFs. Click on the Link above for Flickr Photos to see them. Also be sure to check back often as I'm always uploading pictures to Flickr, even if I don't mention it on here.

C.B.O.A 1980 GMC T8H-5308A at the Embassy Suites In Seacacus, NJ
NYCT Prevost X3-45 at Eltingville Transit Center
Nova RTS's at LaGuardia Depot