Saturday, September 14, 2013

Farewell to the Calgary New Look Charter

My latest adventure is a road trip to Calgary for the "Farewell to the Calgary New Look Charter" Put on by the Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation. Making a long weekend of the event, I have been travelling with a friend of mine, up the trans-can to Calgary.

We saw the Rocky Mountaineer slowly pass through the Hells gate (they slowed it down to slightly faster than walking speed for narration). We also saw 3 trains through Morant's curve near Lake Louise (and of course Lake Louise itself).

The real reason for the trip was to go on the farewell charter. The trip started at Rundle station, and made a few photo stops at various light rail stations, and also made a stop at Southland and Calgary Transit's Victoria Park garage for photos. At Southland we saw some ex BC Transit and Translink MCI Classics (from Victoria) and C40s from Vancouver.

We also got a brief tour of Victoria, Park where we saw 2 CNG Nova LFS's, 2 XN40s all on demo, the last New Flyer D40 #7001, and the last two tone blue fishbowl #1046

Thanks to the CHTF and Calgary Transit for putting on this trip.

The Rocky Mountaineer at Hell's Gate

Morant's Curve and the Bow River near Lake Louise

Overlooking Calgary on Salisbury St. SE

Calgary Transit Fishbowls #1046 and 1156 at the Victoria Park Garage

1156 and Southlands 3925 (Ex Victoria #942) at the Southlands Yard.

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