Sunday, July 13, 2014

Motor Bus Society Spring 2014 Convention

I have finished posting pictures from the Spring 2014 MBS convention onto Flickr.

Created with flickr slideshow.

The trip started out with a ride on the M/V Kitsap to Bremerton, where we stopped off at the Bremerton Transportation Center (Bus Transit Center and Ferry Terminal) before heading to Kitsap Transit’s Bremerton Garage. At Kitsap Transit’s Bremerton Garage we saw quite a few of their “Worker/Driver” MCI coaches. They used to use ex GGT fishbowls, and later various Gillig Phantom’s on their worker/driver commuter bus service. These are buses driven by employees of the navy yards who are paid by KT to make the one R/T a day. The MCIs were mostly 40ft 102D3/D4000 coaches, although there were a handful of ex Ben Franklin Transit 102A3s there.

After that we went to lunch, and then off to Mason Transit, where we photographed their MCI MC5C, plus various Gillig low floors and phantoms (including two new ex Sound Transit buses 9080-9081), after departing we went to Olympia Transit Center to see Intercity Transit, Mason Transit, and Greys Harbor Transit. The final stop of the day was Tacoma Dome Station for Pierce and Sound Transit.

We were originally to go see the Boeing plant tour, however due to capacity issues we spent the morning at Lynnwood Transit Center, and Aurora Village Transit Center photographing Community Transit, Sound Transit and Metro. After that we went north to Everett Station for Everett Transit and Community Transit, and after skipping the Mt Vernon Stop went to Bellingham for WTA. The day ended with a slide show and meeting.

We were picked up by coaches from the Metro Employee Historic Vehicle association, and taken to South Base training Center for photographs of the historic fleet (and the boneyard over the fence). After that we boarded two King County Metro DE60LFRs for a ride through the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel, an impromptu tour of the now closed 1912 built Former Seattle-Everett Interurban, later Greyhound Station, Lunch at Northgate Shopping Mall, and Photo Stops at the University of Washington, Bellevue Transit Center, and Eastgate P&R.

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