Saturday, October 11, 2014

Last Trip on Route 47

On September 26th I had the unfortunate pleasure of riding the last two round trips of King County Metro’s #47 trolleybus line. The route for a long time had been linked to the 14 summit, and within the last few years was broken off into its own route the #47. Due to funding problems in recent years and lower ridership the route was cut with the September 27th, 2014 service change. The 2nd to last trip was mostly empty, just a couple of people and myself. The Final round trip however, was different. The outbound trip to summit was full, with many people onboard not knowing they were on the final trip of the 47. The final inbound trip had a group from the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog ( onboard for the last ride.

The equipment was 2001/2002 Gillig C28D102N4 “Trolley” #4123, who's days are also numbered, as new replacements are on order (New Flyer Xcelsior Trolley coaches), with the prototype already in Seattle. The Gillig bodies are 13 years old, however the propulsion packages (Traction motor, Chopper controller, card cage, etc., were rebuilt from the 1979 AMG trolleys when they were retired and are now 35 years old.)

Some Videos from the 2nd to last trip on route 47

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Incase the slide show does not work; heres the link:

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