Saturday, November 15, 2014

Greyhound Centennial Tour

Today I got to see the Greyhound Centennial Tour during its stop to Seattle. The Vintage Coaches were 1937 Yellow Coach Model 743 #1937, a 1948 ACF-Brill IC-41 #1948, a 1968 MCI MC-7 Scenicruser #1968, and a 1982 MCI MC-9 "Americruiser 2" #1982. Also Present was 2014 Prevost X3-45 #86651 and 1998 MCI 102DL3 #6059 as the Mobile Museum, which featured a history of greyhound and had some artifacts on display. They had a nice display setup, aside from some bad music playing, and the coaches could have been parked facing the opposite direction for better sun angles.

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Mike Stahl said...

Yeah, I wasn't too wild about the music either. Thought I was just getting old. ;-)

Would have loved to actually been able to step on board the Historic Coaches, but can understand why it wasn't allowed; wanting to keep the Coaches clean, no "Exit" door at the other end.

Better than simply boarding, would be to go on a MEHVA style Excursion!