Sunday, August 23, 2015

First Day - Metro's New Flyer XT40 Trolleycoaches.

I had the opportunity to go ride Metro's new XT40 Trolley Coaches, manufactured by New Flyer on their first day of revenue service. Metro is purchasing 110 40ft coaches, and 64 XT 60s to replace the Gillig and Breda trolleys, both rebuilt from older vehicles. The Trolley has a first for Seattle, with passenger operated rear doors. This feature was a bit confusing for operators and riders alike on the first day, although many seemed to figure it out quickly. The doors are activated by a Vapor Class system, with signs indicating "Touch here to open". Some did not read the sign however. Otherwise the coach rode very nice, had very good air conditioning, and was a nice vehicle to ride. I rode a trip out to Madrona Park on route 2, and to Queen Anne and back on route 3.

2015 First Day of Service - NFI Xcelsior XT40 Trolleybus

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