Sunday, September 11, 2016

Day 1 – Seattle to London

On Vacation again, so its time to blog about it. Yesterday and today I flew from Seattle to London today and yesterday. Mostly uneventful flight with needing to use buses on the runway at KEF to transfer from aircraft to terminal and back to aircraft again. They used a German built Cobus 3000 to shuttle people from aircraft to terminal. After a successful transfer and landing at London Gatwick once we cleared customs we finally found the rail terminal at London Gatwick, which was a ride on the people mover to the south terminal, and stood in a long queuing line for tickets we boarded a class 387 Electrostar train heading for London Bridge. Normally they would have ran though London St. Pancreas, but due to track work they were all short turning. At London Bridge a transfer was made to a northern line train with “1995 stock” equipment running the line for the final Journey into London St. Pancreas. After that the hotel was found, bags dropped off and the rest of the afternoon was spent exploring the two train stations and taking pictures of some the trains and buses coming and going.

2016-09-11 06.40.55

Cobus 3000 at KFJ

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