Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Day 10–Harzer Schmallspur Bahn

Todays adventure started out on the 855 steam train to the Brocken. Power for this train was DR Class 99.23-24 #99 7241-5. At the Brocken we made a tour of the museum and got pictures of the next set of departure and arrivals, of which we caught the arrival on its trip to Drei Annen Hohne. At Drei Annen Hohne we saw a set of trains pass through and caught the train to Nordhausen, lead by DR class 99.23-24 #99 7245-6, as I have never been on that line. At Illsfield I saw what looked like a tram, a Siemens Combino operating under its own power (no overhead) down the HSB right of way! The HSB timetable shows what looked like streetcars for some trips, and when we arrived in Nordhausen we found out that indeed, streetcars do run on the HSB. Outside the station at Nordhausen Nord, the Nordhausen streetcar network has a small two track terminal setup, along with a multi bay bus facility. Line 10, the line to Illsfield has a single track connection into this facility, and the streetcars come in from other parts of the city, drop their pantograph, and proceed on power generated by what I think is a small diesel engine built into the car. I saw at least two cars for this line in the 200 series, and I suspect there may be more. The track itself parallels the station and goes through a gate at the far end of the platforms and into the yard and onto the HSB. Its controlled with a semaphore signal inside the yard. A rather amazing operation which adds quite a bit of service on the line coming out of Nordhausen to Illsfield. The streetcars make the usual station stops along the HSR plus some added stops that the HSR does not make. The DB also has an impressive yard at Nordhausen, and there is a fair amount of freight and passenger traffic passing through there. Our return trip to Wernigerode was on a regional abello train to Sangerhausen, another abello train to Halle, and a HEX train back to Wernigerode with a tight transfer in halberstadt. The HEX train was typical Alstom LINT DMU’s. The Abello train had EMU sets of yet unknown orgin. A treat was had at Nordhausen, with some frieght operated by private operators passing by, including one with a former DR Diesel #90 80 1228 412-3D-ITB.

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