Thursday, September 22, 2016

Day 12–Thursday at Innotrans 2016

Today was my first day at Innotrans. Innotrans is a very large rail industry trade show held every other year in berlin. They have several tracks of equipment displays, along with several of the convention center buildings full of different equipment manufacturers, suppliers, and industry groups. We started the day by taking the S5 line to Messer Sud, and walked over to the event. Once entering the event, we went to the top deck to start looking at the equipment on display. First Stop was a Skoda 30T2 Streetcar from Bratislava, #7529. After that we saw several freight cars, which are smaller than US freight cars, anywhere from 1/2 to 60% of an American freight car’s total tonnage. The overall diameter is smaller as well. Than Siemens brought out a car for the Ridyah Metro, and it was a nicely appointed car with a 1st class and 2nd class section. After we toured that there was a vectron locomotive, a streetcar by Durmazlar, a PESA streetcar and some more freight cars on the “long” tracks. When we were done with that we went and toured the other displays starting with a Russian tank car, a wide gauge streetcar build by Solaris, a polish rail testing train, more freight cars and MOW equipment, a new dual gauge sleeper built by Stadler for Azerbijan Railways, and several new EMU and DMU sets of equipment from Siemens, Newag, and stadler, koncar, and others. We also saw a new Skoda freight locomotive, and a refurbished “Bmz” compartment car for Locomore, a crowd funded passenger railroad set to start in December. After that we toured some more passenger equipment, saw some freight equipment, and some of the exhibits in the public transportation section before calling it a day. We also got a cab ride on the steam locomotive that was on making trips to the interchange and back from the convention grounds.

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