Saturday, September 24, 2016

Day 13 Friday at Innotrans

Friday at Innotrans was actually a really light day. Started out by looking at some of the exhibits, and saw the booth by Talgo, of course they were Talgo Corporate and did not know anything of Talgo’s US operations. After that I went and saw the bus exhibit. There were about 4 coaches there, all electric. One was a 60ft electric artic, one was a 60ft Supercapasitor bus by a company from Belarus, one was an electric Solaris Urbino 12, and the last was a VDG electric coach. I got to ride both the VDG and Solaris around the garden there at the exhibit grounds. After that I went and saw some of the exhibits on the rail tracks, including Hydrogen powered Alstom Cordata iLINT HMU (Hydrogen Multiple Unit?) Set they had on display. Also got to walk though the new Siemens Train for Turkey, it was similar to the ICE Trains in Germany, however 1st class had a pop out infotainment system. Capped off Innotrans with a trip through some of the vendor halls, there were a LOT of locomotive leasing companies, and railroads from around the world there. China was showing off some stuff including the “Straddling bus” that the cars drive under. The model they had showed the buses moving back and forth, and the cars “driving” under them. However, the cars behaved like many motorists do and wound up crashing into each other – but never hitting the bus. Finally left he event, and went for a ride on the 204 line in Berlin, that is actually using the Solaris Urbino 12 buses in revenue service. In Berlin they are equipped with a induction charging system by Bombardier. The ride was nice smooth, and performance was good. Layover times at the end were a bit longer i noticed so the batteries could be charged however. Once I rode the line to the end, i took a ring train around and finally a regional train back to the Hauptbahnhof. After that i did some train watching at the HBF and that was it for the day.

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