Sunday, September 25, 2016

Day 15–Berlin

Had a free day in berlin today. started out with riding the #68 tram line to its terminal at Köpenick Station. Getting to Köpenick Station was a bit of a chore though. Strated out by taking the S7 line to Ostkruz, from there we got on a short S3 train (due to construction) to Karlshorst. From there we got on another S3 train to continue to Köpenick Station. I suspect the short S3 train was to keep some level of service reliability on the line due to construction. At Köpenick Station we got on a 68 tram, with a GT6N Tram and headed for the terminal at Alt Schmöckwitz. At Alt Schmöckwitz we saw a training car on the siding, and just before departure a Tatra KT4D #4592 the “Berliner Fahrbar – Drink and Drive” Tram showed up. This seems to be a specially fitted out KT4D with a bar one can take on charters. We rode the Line back to Richtershorn, where the line runs through  a park on the Langer see in a dedicated ROW. We walked along the trail catching two sets of 68 trams pass through plus the Berliner Fahrbar. After that we rode back to Köpenick, where we made our way back to Ostkruz. At Ostkruz, we boarded a S9 with DB 485 class equipment. the 485 class was originally built as the 220 class for the DR shortly before reunification. The series had been retired, but was reactivated shortly afterwards for spares and is now in service on a regular basis. The 485 class of cars have an interesting interior layout, something you might have expected from the DR. They have high walls separating the seats from the door aisles and a separate compartment with 6 seats at the end of the car. The traction motors also make a nice sound to them, much like an old streetcar on acceleration. On the way back we rode an 885 class trailer and it was much quieter as they are unpowered. Afterwards we went to Alexanderplatz, and took an M5 streetcar as far as Hackster Markt where it went out of service. They short turn cars here, and their schedule does not seem to tell you which cars short turn and which don't so you have to pay attention. After waiting for a few minutes another M5 came and took us to Berlin HBF, where we spent the next nearly two hours watching the trains come through on platform 12/13. We saw Regio trains, IC, and ICE Trainsets come through. No foreign trains though. Afterwards we went to dinner and took a 100 line back to Brandenburger Tor, well that was the goal. Due to the Berlin Race today, the buses were short turning at Siegessäule/Großer Stern. From there we walked back to the Brandenburg gate, the path was mostly lighted except for a couple sections at the very end where the race had the street totally closed and had a detour setup through a park, and caught a U55 line back to the HBF.

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