Monday, September 26, 2016

Day 16–Berlin to Lucerne

The day started out on ICE 954 from Berlin to Hannover. The equipment was an ICE 2 trainset and the onboard displays nor wifi worked for this portion of the trip. At Hannover we had a short transfer to ICE 73 to Basil SBB. This train had an operator who had a habbit of making hard stops, otherwise uneventful trip. I did see some intresting equipment in Hannover, inclouding a DB class 103 electric, and a diesel TRAXX unit. While on the train, Security and what i think were border guards walked though the train but did not ask any questions. At Basil SBB we transferred to EC 311, a train eventually ending in Milan. it had a trent italia ETR 610 tilting trainset. We rode it as far as Luzern. After getting checked in at the hotel, we went for a walk around town and found where the charter buses park. after getting pictures of those and running one guy off who dident want a picture taken of his coach (he yelled at me than drove off) we got pictures of the city bus terminal outside the bahnhof and some trains at the bahnhof and some pictures of the trolley coaches after dark.
2016-09-26 12.09.18-1-2
Class 103 184-8 now used for parts at Frankfurt

2016-09-26 12.09.28-1
TRAXX P160 DE ME 92 80 1245 016-1 D-DB At Frankfurt
2016-09-26 12.09.31-1-3
181 201-5 at Frankfurt and Painted in the blue livery.

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