Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Day 17–Lucerne and the Rigi

Today was spent around Lucerne. We started out by getting a daypass for the local bus system to the Swiss Museum of Transport. They had a number of pieces of equipment on display, including 2 “crocodile” locomotives, some displays about the Gottard Base tunnel, and other vintage railroad equipment. They also had displays on Automobiles, Boats, Gondolas, and Aviation. Afterwards we went back to the bahnhof, and after lunch and a visit to the hobby shop, we boarded a boat to visnau. At Visnau we got on the Rigi to the top, and road back via the line to Arth-Goldau. The Rigi is a rack railroad, and seems to run two car sets. either two passenger cars, or a passenger car and a flatcar for bringing materials up the line. Halfway up the line to the Rigi we saw their steam locomotive in revenue service hauling some flatcars down the mountain. At Arth-Goldau we took an ICN set back to Lucerne, and since it was not quite time for dinner yet, road the 1 Maihof line with a double articulated trolleycaoch from Hess first to Maihof, than back through downtown and to Obernau Dorf. After that we had dinner and called it a night.2016-09-27 18.16.53
HESS Double articulated Trolleycoach at the Maihof Terminal
2016-09-27 18.53.14-1
HESS Double articulated Trolleycoach at the Obernau Dorf Terminal.

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