Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Day 18–Gottard Pass Railfanning

Started our day out by taking the train to Goschenen. When we arrived we found some other dutch railfans on the platform and after seeing a couple of trains through we went on a trail that paralleled the tracks out of town. we walked along the trail a ways and caught probably ten or so freight and passenger trains along the ROW. After that we came back to the station and caught several more including a couple movements of the MGB. After that we got back on the train, this time in a 2nd class SBB UIC Type car with openable windows. we rode that to locarno, where we spend the afternoon photographing the trains and buses. After dinner we took the TILO train to Biasca and than transferred to a IC train to Arth-Goldau and an ICN home. We saw lots of trains including DB, SBB Cargo, and Railon Freights.
2016-09-28 13.15.54
Gloschenen and the Gottard Pass Tunnels

2016-09-28 14.52.49-12016-09-28 14.52.38
Interior of SBB RIC? Car #50 85 21-73 394-1
Inside of the door with the step well blocking piece typical of RIC? type cars. These are pretty common on the DB, and also go by the name CoRail on the French SNCF. Unfortunately it seems to be difficult to find exact details on passenger cars in Europe, and their styles.

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