Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Day 3 – National Railway Museum

The day started on a an 8:02 departure of a Grand Central Train to York. After an uneventful ride in older Class 43 powered and HST Mark 3 rolling stock. The train moved along at 125 MPH for most of the trip and arrived in York early, having to wait for platform space. Upon arrival in York we made our way to the National Rail Museum, which was on the other side of the station and accessible via footbridge. The NRM had a lot of equipment on display, ranging from Steam Locomotives built in the 1820s, 1870s, and more modern locomotives such as the 1930s mallard, and a recently retired Eurostar Power car. They also had equipment from the Queen of England’s private consist on display as well as a Shinkansen from Japan and a steam locomotive from China. After completing the visit there, we rail fanned the York Railway station, and the buses in front, the station dated from the 1870s and had some very ornate cast iron work on the train shed. saw two freights pass through as well as a number of Virgin trains, Transpennine Express, and a couple of other operators. For the ride back to London a Class 180 train took us back with an on time arrival into London Kings Cross.

2016-09-13 10.01.46
Class 43 and HST Mark 3 stock at York

2016-09-13 10.14.02-1
York Station

2016-09-13 11.44.34

2016-09-13 12.19.35
2016-09-13 11.22.03
National Railway Museum, York

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