Saturday, September 17, 2016

Day 7–Bayeux to Amsterdam

Today started on SNCF Inercities Train #3302 from Bayeux to St Lazare. The equipment was CoRail cars. After arriving in Paris, we used the RER “E” Line to transfer from Paris St Lazare to Paris Nord. After stashing our bags at Paris Nord in the left luggage which was a bit of an adventure we took an RER “B” and “C” line to the Eiffel Tower. We had first gotten on an RER “D” line by mistake, which was an overcrowded zoo with people forcing their way onto the already full bi-level cars which are not well laid out. After seeing the Eiffel Tower, we headed back to Paris Nord and waited for Talys 9351 to Amsterdam. Our trainset consisted of a PBA and PBKA trainset, of which we are on the PBA set. At Brussells, the train split in two and the PBA set went to Amsterdam. the ride on the PBA equipment which is basically TGV Equipment was nice, although we had a view of a pillar the whole trip. At Amsterdam, we left the station and saw many tram lines at the central station, along with bicycles and scooters. Trams were passing us by every couple of minutes going into our out of Amsterdam Central. Most of the trams were Siemens Combino’s, and from what i saw they had a two man crew with operator and on board ticket agent.

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