Monday, September 19, 2016

Day 8–Amsterdam Trams

There was no real rush to start the day as we were going to take the 11 am historical tram line #20 from Centraal Station on its loop. We got down to Centraal Station around 9 am, and i spent the next two hours photographing the trams. Also going on that day was a 10K race, one of the largest in the Netherlands. The race started somewhere near Central station and thousands of people were passing through. Near 11 an old Zesasser tram #602 showed up at unmarked platform “F” near Centraal Station, signed up for line 20. We got on the tram, and rode it to the tram museum. Amsterdam has an impressive tram museum. The Electrische Museumtramlijn Amsterdam has an impressive collection of cars, mostly ex Amsterdam but we even saw an ex Vienna tram as well. Their line is an impressive 9km long, from the museum to Amstelveen, along a former freight rail line that has been converted for use by the museum trams.The line follows a bike path for most of it along with some of Amsterdam’s famous canals. The ride to the end of the line takes roughly 40-45 minutes making making it well worth the 5-7 euro paid. After returning on the tram we caught the museum tram, and rode it for the rest of its loop around the city. The line 20 used to be a circle route though the city, and even though the tram line uses this number I don’t know if the path used is exactly the same, however it does give you a nice tour of the city. After a bite to eat (and watching more trams) near Centraal Station, we got a  boat ride through the city’s canals which took about an hour, and after that rode tram line 5. Tram line 5 is the only line in the city that requires use of double ended equipment as it lacks a turning loop at its southern end. Since most of the cars in the city are single ended, this line has a dedicated fleet of equipment including 20 “BN” built high floor cars, and 4 Siemens C2A Combinos especially for the service. After that dinner was had and we returned to the hotel room, except for myself who went and found some pizza after walking around the town for a while unable to find exactly what i was looking for and setting on something on the way home.

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