Monday, September 19, 2016

Day 9–Amsterdam to Wernigerode

Today was a ride from Amsterdam to Wernigerode via Hannover. Started out the day on IC 141 from Amsteram Centraal to Hannover. Equipment on this train was UIC/IC/”Corail” standard type stock the DB Uses, in an Avmmz configuration with all 1st class compartments. The Compartment cars are awful, you sit 3x3 in a compartment facing each other, mostly with strangers who have also reserved the compartment with you. The Train left Amsterdam for Bad Bentheim with an NS locomotive. At Bad Bentheim the engine was changed for a DB Engine, and we got to see the interesting platform and station arrangement there. The station is a historical building, and owned by the city. The platform is owned by DB. DB upgraded the platform to modern standards by making it taller, however the city was unable to modify the station in time. Because of these you could no longer use the doors at the station to get to the platform, so people were exiting the station to the platform though the station’s windows ( After changing to a DB locomotive we proceeded onward but at a level crossing nearly hit an automobile, causing the engineer to dump the brakes. we lost ten minutes in the time it took to reset the brakes and proceed onward. After arrival at Hannover, we changed trains to an Erixx operated train to Goslar. This equipment used Alstom LINT DMU equipment and was a nice service to ride. At Goslar we changed trains to a HEX train operated by Transdev, again with Alstom LINT equipment to continue to Wernigerode. Upon arrival at Wernigerode and checking into our hotel, we spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the town and watching the narrow guage steam trains on the Harzer Schmallspurbahn.2016-09-19 06.58.24
DB IC 141 at Amsterdam Centraal with NS power on the point.


2016-09-19 15.47.19
2016-09-19 15.42.25
HSB at Wernigerode

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