Monday, September 12, 2016

Day Two – Tour of London

Took the City Sightseeing trip around the city. After breakfast we travelled on a Picadilly line train to Piccadilly Circus with the small 1973 tube stock. We walked over to the Coventry Street Stop for The Origonal London Tour. The City of London must manage the bus stops, as everyone shares the same bus stop flag, even the tour and sightseeing operators are on the sign flag along with transit and coach lines. Got off at the stop near Parlament Square to visit Westminster Abby, The London Eye, and a Boat tour. Westminster Abby is a big church, however its not as big as you think. one of the interesting parts is all the famous people “buried” within the confines of the church. Various former Kings, Sir Issac Newton, Charles Darwin, etc. Its amazing how old it actually is. Afterwards, walked over to the Eye of London, which was a neat ride around the huge wheel. They put you in “capsules” that hold around 25 people and a full ride is around 1/2 hour. You get a good view of Charing Cross station. After that took the boat to the Tower of london. Got a nice tour of the White tower which is a arms museum, and also got to see the Crown Jewels. When that was done, I spotted an AEC Routemaster on route 15, however we took the sightseeing bus over to Trafalgar Square. Once there we saw the Routemaster again. Once we found the boarding location for the 15, one with a routemaster came, however it short turned at Ludgate Circus, where we transferred to a “Borismaster” bus on route 15, however it short turned again near Aldgate station as the operator claimed he was “running early”. Got on another 15, and rode it to the End of the Line at Blackwall station. After that rode a dockland Light Railway train back to Tower Hill, and after a long walk to the tube station as there does not seem to be much in the way of a direct route, not even a direct transfer from DLR we rode a Circle line train with the larger S7 Stock.

2016-09-12 08.52.58

London Tour Bus

2016-09-12 12.31.15

The Great Wheel London

2016-09-12 15.57.47

Guard at The Tower of London

2016-09-12 17.37.44-1

RM334 on route 15

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